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iPhone 13 deals

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Apple’s iPhone 13 is currently expected to see its big reveal happen in September which means we really don’t have long to wait now. But, of course in typical Apple fashion, very little is known so far.

Apple has perfected its ability to keep its smartphones under wraps until its big reveal, unlike some other brands (we’re looking at you Google). Because of this, we’re very much working on speculation, previous launches, and expert opinion to determine what we’re likely to see.

The general agreement is that the iPhone 13 will look, feel and act very similar to its predecessor – the iPhone 12. With a similar style, design, colour set, and camera system, Apple is likely to be working on an incremental update here.

Equally, the pricing of the iPhone 13 is still very much under wraps. But like the specs and features, all leaks and expectations point to something similar to what we saw with the iPhone 12.

Luckily, we’ve seen a good number of iPhone launches go down in the past and can roughly determine what you will be likely to pay. Below we’ve broken down expected iPhone 13 deals and how much the handsets will cost you.

When will iPhone 13 deals be on pre-order?

While no official date has been announced yet, Apple is expected to reveal the iPhone 13 in early September. In previous years, Apple has then given a few days in-between reveal and pre-orders, giving you some time to review the products.

We will be keeping track of any updates from Apple so check back here to see an exact date as we approach the day.

Will I get any free gifts with my pre-order?

Unlike other phone brands like Google, Samsung and OnePlus, Apple tends to shy away from offering any free gifts with its pre-orders. In past years, we’ve seen Apple include a year of Apple TV with new devices but it is highly unlikely we will see anything besides this.

Apple has also reduced the items that come with its handsets. They didn’t include headphones or a charging plug with the iPhone 12 and the same is likely to also happen with the iPhone 13.

How much will the iPhone 13 cost unlocked?

Apple has managed to keep all information around its pricing this year very secret. However, we are able to make a pretty accurate assumption based on the pricing of previous device’s and by examining where the market is going.

When the iPhone 11 first launched, it came with a price tag of $699. The iPhone 12 then followed the next year at $799. While this would suggest a price tag of $899 for the iPhone 13, we think it is far more likely that Apple will mimic the pricing of the iPhone 12.

That would put the price tag at roughly $799 for the iPhone 13. Any higher than this and Apple risks losing a competitive edge as it would jump above Samsung, Google and OnePlus’ equivalent handsets.

We would expect a similar situation with the other devices in Apple’s line-up. If a mini, Pro and Pro Max all launch, we would expect them to match up to the pricing of the 12 series.

  • iPhone 13 mini: $699
  • iPhone 13: $799
  • iPhone 13 Pro: $999
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: $1099

iPhone 13 plan predictions

If you would rather not get your phone unlocked and will look to get a full plan, you’re in luck! Considering Apple’s popularity with new launches, a huge variety of carriers are likely to be getting involved, offering their best pricing.

While we would expect to see offers from the likes of AT&T and T-Mobile as well as other big brands, it’s Verizon that is likely to have the best offer when Apple goes live with the iPhone 13.

Verizon: trade-in rebates of up to $1,000, or buy-one get-one

If Verizon’s iPhone 13 deals at launch reflect its most common promotions throughout the year, then we expect the carrier to mostly focus on big trade-in rebates and potentially a buy-one get-one deal. With both of those, you’ll need to be purchasing a device on a new line, although it’s highly likely there will be smaller upgrade savings available for new customers too – around $500 off with a trade-in is common. Another likelihood is a switching bonus for those porting in from another carrier with savings ranging from around $300 to $500 – which should be stackable with other promos.

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