Indian Art Villa Small Copper Water Dispenser Pot Tank, 7000 Ml

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Price: ₹8,355.00 - ₹2,785.00
(as of Sep 10,2021 04:08:47 UTC – Details)

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Indian Art Villa Copper water pot is one of its kind beautiful water pot in the world. We use the world’s purest copper & the finest technology in the production of the water pot. We are leading brands of a wide range of copper products including Copper Water Bottles, Copper Jugs, Mugs, Handicrafted items, Home decor items, and gift items. Our main objective is to establish consumer satisfaction in the domain of manufacturing and exporting high-quality copper products and our other products. We hold strong excellence in services, products-quality, commitment, compliance, and competitive rates structure. Indian Art Villa logos are displayed on the images to maintain the authenticity of the images. The logos are not actually printed on the products. This beautiful and unique designed copper water pot is made of pure copper. It has been handcrafted with care and is of exceptional quality. It will last a lifetime, and, if properly cared for, multiple generations. As you all know the health benefits of drinking out of a copper pot are endless. This pure copper water pot from Indian Art Villa comes with a beautiful design on the outside. The unique design makes this pot suitable for gifting purposes as well & it’ll give a royal look to your home & kitchen. Now the easy and healthy way of living is much easier than expected as genuine copper kills bacteria and is proved to be a remedy for weight, skin, aging & many other Problems. Giving gifts are a good way of showing your sincerity and good intentions to an individual. And many a time, when giving gifts, you should look to get useful gifts like this Indian Art Villa Pure Copper Water Pot. It has been handcrafted with care and is of exceptional quality.

⚜️ This copper water pot is constructed from high quality pure copper. Designed to offer many years of use and enjoyment.
⚜️ Always keep this copper water pot in your home & kitchen and drink healthy water whenever feel like, This water pot is easy to maintain & With having brass tap at bottom it’s completely leak proof.
⚜️ Drinking water stored in a pure copper water pot has many major health benefits. It’s rumoured to slow down aging, aids in weight loss, helps in pregnancy and it’s a strong antioxidant that helps fight off diseases and boost brainpower. You’re only a few clicks away from looking and feeling like a new person! Let this ancient practice create a fresh start for your body.
⚜️ Stunningly beautiful, incredibly sturdy and well-constructed. Don’t waste your time ordering and returning low quality imitations. It’s not your fault if you have, there are too many out there. Let us give you the best, pure copper water pot there is. handmade, designed, highy quality copper with a beautiful shiny finish. This water pot is your only safe choice. Get it right the first time!


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